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Houston Outcall Massage

July 8th, 2012

There are certain things to consider when you make an appointment with a licensed massage therapist who will provide an outcall massage service in Houston Tx and surrounding areas.  Expect the therapist to arrive about 15 to 20 minutes early in some cases so he/she may set up the massage equipment. The massage therapist will bring a portable massage table, sheets and in some cases a foam mattress pad to add an increase in thickness to make it extra comfortable when you lay on the table. It’s important to find a suitable area in your home with no obstruction so the therapist has enough space to work around the massage table.

Houston Texas is known for its hot temperatures so the room temperature should be to your level of comfort to keep you cool or warm but do take in consideration the therapist who is working with you.  The area you have selected should be in a quite region of the home so there is no noise or disturbances during your session.  The session begins with an intake form which will be filled out by you and will include an interview with the massage therapist.  Questions that will be asked pertain to the reason for the visit and your health history so the therapist may adjust the massage to your specification.  Some of the items a massage therapist will bring besides the massage table may be your choice of using oil or a cream for your massage.  Music may be provided by the therapist for a soothing sound of ocean waves in combination with instrumental music for a calming restful effect.  During the massage the therapist may ask if the pressure being used is comfortable to you as to adjust it to your tolerance.

Once the massage session has ended the therapist will step out of the area to allow you to dress and he/she will return to pack up the equipment and get ready to leave.  In some cases the therapist may give you a form to rate the session, for example some questions may be if the pressure that was used during the session was comfortable for you, if the therapist confirmed the appointment or maybe how you heard about them.  Your experience with the massage is valued to the therapist so when filling out the form always be honest because it may improve the routine and results of the massage session.

Outcall massage services in Houston Texas will be a pleasant experience with Sports Essence. If you have had a long day at work and decide that you need a massage for relaxation, had a hard work out at the gym or you’re a mom that has a hectic schedule with the day to day events of rushing out of the house to pick up the kids and transporting them to their soccer games, baseball games or any sport event and feel you need to unwind from the busy day contact us at 281-923-4052, make an appointment for us to visit your home or email at contact us for your  Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.


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