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December 14th, 2011
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Swedish Massage is a popular style of massage that is being requested by clients.  Massage techniques have been used for thousands of years throughout

the world in countries like Japan, Egypt and India. Its origin has been found to be based in China as far back as 2,000 B.C. where they discovered documents which contained information about massage techniques used to heal the body of disease and later used in Swedish Massage. Evidence has also been found of foot massage as depicted by the Egyptians. The Mayan’s also used joint and massage treatments to help heal the body.

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Throughout the years a variety of styles and massage techniques have emerged through the practice of this art. One such popular style was developed by Pehr Henrik Ling titled Swedish Massage he was also known as the “Father of Swedish Massage” even though he had no medical training he developed it through the knowledge he had attained from other massage methods and produced it into one system.  Born in Sweden he learned and experimented with the different approaches to Swedish gymnastics. By 1814 his “Medical Massage” which incorporates active and passive actions with massage to treat disease was rejected by the medical community for two decades.  He was finally accepted by the medical community and was allowed to acquire a license in the area of massage and developed the Royal Gymnastic Central Institute. Swedish Massage consist of a system which involves three types of movement; active (exercise), which is done by the patient, passive which the massage therapist performs on the patient and duplicate movements that is done by the patient with the help of the therapist.

Ling had taught his Swedish Massage to many physicians in other countries, such as Germany, Russia and England. Through these students his style of massage had reached out to others and has been recognized worldwide.

An example of one of these physicians was Johann Mezger a Dutch physician recognized for the French terminology used in Swedish Massage.   This terminology was used due to many of the Chinese writings pertaining to massage was translated by the French. Words like effleurage, tapotement and petrissage are now famously connected to the art of Swedish Massage.  Mezger for being a physician the medical community was further accepting of the treatment due to his credibility of being a doctor.

In 1856 George Henry Taylor and Charles Fayette Taylor are credited to initiating Swedish Massage treatment in the United States.  Their skills were acquired through the education with a physician that directly worked with Ling.  These two brothers started an orthopedic clinic and specializing in the Swedish treatment of massage. They wrote many books on Ling’s procedures of massage which included a textbook that was the first of its kind in the United States on the subject of Swedish Massage.

Popularity of the scientifically viewed treatment and its effects on the body grew among many physician and prompted further writings in magazines and medical journals.  The reputation grew due to the reliability of important people having success with their massage treatments that it would endorse it with the public and the medical community.

Swedish Massage Therapy 77084, 77095

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