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Maintenance Massage

August 31st, 2016

Maintenance MassageMaintenance or preventative Massage is an important part of the Sports Massage program .  Maintenance massage is performed between events in a clinic or office setting, not at the event. The massage may last anywhere from 60, 75 to 90 minutes depending on the treatment goals the massage therapist and the athlete have set to accomplish.  The purpose of the Maintenance Massage is to find and perform massage on tension areas and also to help in preventing muscle tension or injuries that may hinder an athlete’s performance with in the massage therapist scope of practice. Other examples for the need of maintenance massage are…..

  • soreness in the muscles
  • assessment for R.O.M (range of motion)
  • minimize the negative effects resulting from long hours of training and exercise
  • decreases muscle stiffness
  • induces relaxation
  • preparedness

So, when receiving a Maintenance massage make sure you speak to your massage therapist and go over the goals that you want to accomplish during your sessions. Have the massage therapist also concentrate on the muscles and areas that will be used the most during your sporting event.

Other types of massages pertaining to Sports Massage  Pre-event massage and Post-event massage.