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Chair Massage

May 1st, 2011

In the earlier part of the 1980’s David Palmer known as the “Father of Chair Massage” developed  seated massage which is now recognized and very popular.   Prior to his career in massage therapy and the development of chair massage he was in the field of social services.

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His interest in massage began when it was used to treat his persistent shoulder pain.  While working at a massage institute he realized there was a problem between therapist and potential clients.  Potential clients were not interestedin what the massage market had to offer. People were not comfortable with the idea of the procedures pertaining to undressing and the price of the massage.  Palmer created a way to help both sides of the spectrum.  He took a style of massage that had already been used by Japanese and Chinese cultures and brought it to the mainstream.

In 1983 he enlisted a Frenchman by the name of Serge Bouyssou to assist him in the designing of the chair that is so recognizable to seated massage. In 1986 they pioneered a chair that would change and add a new style of massage to the industry as we know it.  Chair massage is now accessible to all who seek a massage without the high price, time consumption and the need of undressing by the client.

Chair massage is now widely used at different venues such as…..

  • airports for tired travelers
  • malls
  • corporate offices
  • a small business
  • A hospital will have therapist bring their chairs and assist the nurses and staff members to relax due to their high stressful jobs
  • other locations are at convention center,
  • health food stores which will have a small area designated for the service
  • Other events may include parties, such as pre-wedding gatherings for the bride, groom and wedding party to relieve the stress from the planning prior to the wedding.

This type of work does not require much equipment, with a full body massage the equipment would take sheets, a massage table, bolster, a room, music, mattress pad, face cradle covers, water and hand soap for sanitizing your hands and forearms, and more time to set up and to pack up.  The session may last from one to two hours depending on the style and the clients need.

When doing a chair massage all that is needed is the chair itself, music if appropriately needed, face cradle covers, hand sanitizer, time to setup and pack-up is less.  The chair massage can last 10 to 15 minutes long and still have relaxing and soothing results. The minutes may be adjusted to the needs of the client and the length of the event.  An important precaution the therapist has to take notice of is the body mechanics while performing the seated massage.  When in an event the therapist may cause injury to themselves while not being attentive to their body movement and applied swedish massage strokes.

Chair massage has been one of the most important discoveries to the massage industry and for that we thank David Palmer for which the chair has given an opportunity for all to experience the therapeutic benefits of massage.

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