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Post-Event Massage

August 28th, 2016

sports massage katy txWhen you reach the finish line and attain the goal you trained so hard for the next thought on your mind is to reach the Sport Massage area to have a post- event massage which will greatly improve your recovery after that sporting event.

A Sports Massage should be focused on the muscles used during the event.  Do not expect to have any deep tissue massage or Trigger Point Therapy to be applied after the event.  No painful modalities should be applied to you after your demanding event.

The benefits of post-event sports massage are…..

  • decreases muscle tension
  • reduces muscle pain
  • reduces spasms
  • increases circulation
  • improves quality and movement of the joint
  • It will also assist in sleeping
  • Improves performance by the athlete
  • recovery time is decreased
  • reduced DOMS (Delayed-Onset Muscle Sornness)

Other types of massage within the Sports Massage group is Pre-event massage and Maintenance (preventative) massage.